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Cheap plans

1- Windows VPS1 - Xeon E51 GB18 GB SSD1Gbps1.5$6.99 USDOrder
2- Windows VPS1 - Xeon E52 GB25 GB SSD1Gbps1.5$9.99 USDOrder
3- Windows VPS2 - Xeon E53 GB30 GB SSD1Gbps1.5$13.98 USDOrder
4- Windows VPS2 - Xeon E54 GB60 GB SSD1Gbps1.5$27.96 USDOrder
5- Windows VPS4 - Xeon E58 GB60 GB SSD1Gbps1.5$55.92 USDOrder
6- Windows VPS8 - Xeon E516 GB60 GB SSD1Gbps1.5$99.95 USDOrder
7- Windows VPS12 - Xeon E532 GB60 GB SSD1Gbps1.5$199.95 USDOrder
1- Forex RDP1 - Xeon E52 GB25 GB SSD1Gbps1.5$19.99 USDOrder
2- Forex RDP1 - Xeon E53 GB25 GB SSD1Gbps1.5$28.99 USDOrder
3- Forex RDP4 - Xeon E54 GB30 GB SSD1Gbps1.5$39.99 USDOrder
4- Forex RDP4- Xeon E56 GB40 GB SSD1Gbps1.5$44.99 USDOrder
5- Forex RDP4- Xeon E58 GB40 GB SSD1Gbps1.5$64.99 USDOrder
6- Forex RDP4- Xeon E516 GB40 GB SSD1Gbps1.5$99.99 USDOrder
    • VPS Server 90%

    • +40 locations 60%
How BUYVPS Going To Be Different

Smart Security

Using hardware and software firewalls, dedicated switches, 24x7 monitoring, and isolation mode for all servers to run in a secure environment, we spend more for greater security.

Full Admin RDP

BUYVPS RDP services come with an admin access feature that provides you full access to your server. Having admin access means you can install or uninstall any app.

Flexible Hardware

By using BUYVPS remote desktop server, you can upgrade the resources and vigor of your RDP if you needed, without losing any data. We care about your data safety.

Ultra Fast SSD

BUYVPS provides remote desktop connection service with ultra-fast SSD storage on Raid configuration to establish safe, reliable, high-quality, and fast RDP service.

What BUYVPS Offer

DDoS Protection

Our firewall systems detect the incoming and outgoing brute-force and DDoS attacks dynamically, and immediately respond to the attack and take the appropriate actions to block it.


Multiple Locations Popular Datacenter

As we already hosting servers in 10 locations in USA and Europe, We still trying to expend our network and provide new servers from various countries in popular datacenters. Also, We always try to bring new VPS servers online in the order of priority. Still, we must also maintain our high security and reliability standards, and some countries are better equipped for this than others. We offer a global network that you can trust! With excellent connectivity, physical building security, power, resilience, diesel generators, 24x7x365 monitoring, air conditioning and access to many different enhanced features, all available as standard for all our datacenters!


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